When you think of a typical Norwegian…

… what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Ice bears, penguins, muskoxes, snow, cold and dark days, Vikings, Lillehammer?

  1. Norwegians are born with skis on their feet – Alle nordmenn er født med ski på beina –  Well… not exactly but let’s pretend that’s true. We’re very proud being a power at winter sports (probably the most Austrians think the same way). The Telemark skiing technique or as we say Telemarkskjøring is named after a region in Norway, Telemark. We do also take out our skis when there’s too much of snow on the streets to get to school.
  2. Fjords –  is what Norway is most famous for, and also the primary motivator for many travelers to visit. And maybe also Preikestolen, the North CapeNordkappTroll tongueTrolltungen, Flåm – Flåm, Northern LightsNordlys and a thousand of other things.
  3. National drink & dish – coffee & pizza. Yes, we drink a lot of coffee – in fact, Finns and Norwegians consume more than every other country in the world. There have been made statistics you can check, if you don’t believe it 😉 We’re talking here about black coffee that is typically being served at breakfast. And beside that fact, Norway consumes the most pizza in the world. Yes, it’s not the fish, it’s pizza, also our very favourite frozen pizza, Grandiosa.
  4. Ostehøvel – every Norwegian has at least one cheese slicer at home. Although there have been used different styles of cheese slicers all over Europe, it was Thor Bjørklund who invented our osthøvelen. Yay!
  5. Cheeseost, the most common cheese in Norway is probably our iconic brunost, brown cheese. Brunost (mysost) is a whey cheese with a extraordinary caramel flavour.
  6. Trolls – mystical and sometimes also dangerous creatures that belong to Norse fairytales and legends. Trolls are active at night and will turn into stone  at sunrise.  During the Medieval Period, every person who went into nature to “wake up” a troll were stated as the enemy of the Church. Also different Norwegian laws prohibited the ”awakening of trolls”. To get to know more about Norwegian trolls, please visit owlocation dot com.
  7. Matpakke – packed lunch, that consist of single slices of bread, cheese, salmon and vegetables. We’re taking it to school, job, on a hike and absolutely everywhere as this tradition has been turned into a life style.
  8. Midnight sun, midnattsol –  a phenomenon that occurs during the summer months in places above the Arctic Circle. The best spots to experience the midnight sun in Norway would be,  Bodø, Tromsø, Vardø, Hammerfest, Lofoten, the North Cape. To be honest, it’s not that fun when the Sun doesn’t set. You have to prepare for the time and invest in either very good blinds or just go to sleep in your celling.
  9. Northern Lights (Aurora) – Norway is the best place ever to experience the Northern Lights. For more information on Northern Lights, please visit Visit Norway.com
  10.  Fish, fisk – smoked salmon: cured fish, stockfish: klippfisk, stokkfisk, halibut, rakfisk, lutefisk and so on. Norwegians eat a lot of seafood, not only fish.