About the blog.

I’ve visited over 100 countries. I never intend to be on a flight the next weekend, but my plans usually change and I board a plane spontaneously. Sometimes I only have less than 24 hours to get back on the plane. I would love to share my 24 hours experience with you.

About me.

Born during a flight over Europe on one of the world’s known airlines, I spent my adolescent years in Norway, Morocco, Russia, Sweden and Hong Kong. In 2008 moved to Austria, where I thought the Norwegian language to foreigners at the Vienna University and Community College, Wiener Urania.

Where am I from?

Answering the question “where are you from?” it’s kind of tricky. Having spent many years outside of my home culture (Norway) and not quite fitting into my past host cultures (Morocco, Russia, Hong Kong), made me choose Austria as the perfect place to live.

It takes time and forbearance as it usually needs explanation of my – let’s say – life story, which is exhausting when your parents are from two different countries, you’ve grown up in three others, and are currently living in an entirely different one… with your partner being – guess – from another planet ;–)

Still, an upbringing with a wealth of international and multicultural experiences can also bring many benefits with it. Proficiency in multiple languages, intercultural sensitivity, open-mindedness, cultural empathy and the affinity to fit into a new culture more quickly than thought.